Ready, set, renovate!

Here we go.

Years in the making, mostly in our heads. At last, due to the rentrée, (back to school) – or in our case, first time to school for our 3 year old, we have been forced by the situation that we created to have to gun it, soldier through, into the unknown. House was bought in 2012. We looked at it when this kid was 1 month old. Now he’s about to turn 3, we have not done anything to this house.


Our plan is to move into the most livable’ish floor, which is the middle floor there. Good thing is that there are many doors in these old houses. The previous owner appeared to have lived in only this part of the house until the end. It’s not the newest renovation, but it was probably the most recent work done. We’ll pretend that we live in Thailand or something for a little while.

Moving is another whole ordeal in itself from our small, but stuffed apartment in Strasbourg. Getting any rental truck would be more than 150 euros for the 50km distance, in one day. I’m still not ‘life-wise’ here in this new land and language. Maybe I could find better deals than that but I doubt it. We could seek favor from friends or family that have connections. Some things are universal like that.

coupe1.Chambres_SDB_bureau3.RDC_atelier_bureau2.Salon_Cuisine_ChambreOur plans changed a million times. I used some software with guess-timation to reconfigure the layouts. The kick is, we won’t know if any interior walls can be completely taken down as envisioned. Because the usual old houses in this region are usually the half-timbered design, the logs are built in. It serves mainly as support. And we would want to resurrect such a charm regardless of impracticality.

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