Family of four with diverse mixes of cultural background. Between French, American, Thai, Vietnamese, onto little tints of German, Chinese, and British, we together love foods, slow travel, histories, arts, music, good company and plenty of other things in between.

Dad works in IT  and as the chef of the family. He cooks as a good French should. Differently so would be the influence of his Vietnamese grandfather, producing as often delicious pho soup as unbeatable quiche Lorraine. He runs a blog called viandier.net where he shares his favorite recipes.

Mom does photography. She learns to cook from the internet. She’s an American from Thai parents. Having lived in California for more than 20 years, she often opts to make Mexican food to impress the French friends and family who are not too familiar with it (yet).

Kid one is 4 years old. He already helps out in the kitchen running the department of onion and garlic peelings. When asked if he wants to be a “masterchef”, he replies of the addition “JUNIORRRR” (referring to the Masterchef Junior TV version.

Kid two is 2.5 years old. Kid one already handed him production line of onion and garlic. He works to equalize his status with his older brother in all department. But so far has mainly succeeded in physical growth. They both are almost the same size as of 2016.

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